Get Involved – Take Part in the Bandstand Marathon Revival

As a free audience and participant experience Bandstand Marathon was one of more than 15 million free opportunities at the Cultural Olympiad for all ages, some led by young people themselves as musicians. With such great success in the Cultural Olympiad, Bandstand Marathon is being revived with a planned programme of events to take place across many of the original and restored bandstands in the UK and in unusual environments too, introducing music to those who would not usually have access to this live entertainment.

At the moment we are still working out how to proceed. Perhaps ‘pop-up’ or ‘surprise’ events that rely almost exclusively on audiences following social media to discover what is taking place and where to go.

How to get involved


Bandstand Marathon was very popular between 2008-2012 with groups drawing crowds of hundreds and in the case of the finale of the Olympic Festival, several thousand. Many of these bands and artists are popular in their local area and are ready and able to get involved with our planned revival.

Bandstand Marathon established new partnerships with many bands, community groups and organisations in the four years in the run-up to the Olympic Festival in 2012 and we are looking to renew those contacts, as well as working with businesses as new partners in the project.

If you are a solo musician or part of a band, Bandstand Marathon would love to have you join us for a summer of great music, freely accessible to communities to encourage engagement, fun and enjoyment. Contact us and tell us a little about yourself, what music you play and how long you have been playing, so we know the best way to get you connected.

I love music, but I am not a musician…

Bandstand Marathon has been supported by strong volunteer involvement. There are many opportunities for musicians and non-musicians to get involved in the management of our operations, concerts, and other events. We encourage everyone to share their enthusiasm, expertise, and skills. Those interested in volunteering just need to get in contact.

Non-musicians are always welcomed with open arms at Bandstand Marathon. We are continually in need of helpers to make our concerts a success. We require people who can help with organisation, take pictures, help with advertising and much more. If you are willing to help, we can find you something to do. Contact us if you are interested. We would love to hear from you.

You can also get in touch with us mailing to: